Best 5 Baby Sleeping Books

The start of parenting with a newborn baby comes with less sleep and more attention towards your newborn baby. In a busy life, we sometimes need to be able to get advice on how a baby’s sleeping schedule works and advice on how to get them to sleep.

Some of these books provide newborn sleep schedule by week tips and ideas.

Helping Your Baby to Sleep: Why Gentle Techniques Work Best

This baby sleeping book was authored by Beth Macgregor and Anni Gethin.

Anni Gethin is a health social scientist with most of her interest reaching towards early childhood development.

Beth Macgregor is a mother and psychologist. She trains health workers in child development and infant mental health.

Sleeping Like a Baby

This great baby sleeping book was authored by international Board-Certified Lactation Consultant Pinky McKay. She is also a certified infant massage instructor and a best-selling author.

She combines science and wisdom with experience and what is best for your baby’s wellbeing and health.

The Newborn Sleep Book

This book is all about training your new baby to sleep through the night. The two authors are successful pediatricians, Dr. Lewis Jassey and Dr. Jonathan Jassey. The Jassey Way is a baby sleep training method that has a 90% success rate.

The No-Cry Sleep Solution

Elizabeth Pantley is one of the most well-known parenting educators in literature. She is also a mother of four children, which gives her plenty of wisdom around how to cope with baby sleeping problems.

Twelve Hours Sleep by Twelve Weeks Old

Making sure that your newborn baby is getting enough sleep is one of the biggest issues for health in infants. This is a straightforward book by Suzy Giordano explaining methods on how to get your baby to sleep for 12 hours a night.