Political Book Sales on The Rise

Political books have always been a major contributor to the literature and book retail sales. Politics are a part of any individual’s life, whether you are taking part in politics or not, we hear about political news on social media, radio, music, and television. With books, we can get a lot more information than watching the news or documentaries on television.

Political books provide all the small details of a specific candidate or administration. In books, there are also more opinionated views on certain subjects in politics.

According to the Wall Street Journal who collects data from NPD Bookscan, over 10.5 million books have been sold in the US alone since September 2020. The year 2020 has seen a big rise as in the same month of the previous year the total sales of political books were only 6.1 million.

The last political book that sold extremely well was Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury and it sold over 4 million copies in its first year. But still, books about Donald Trump seem to sell well over the whole world with people wanting to know more about him and how he became the president of the US.

As the COVID pandemic caused a lot of concern in everyone, political book sales went up with society wanting to know more about political scenarios within the pandemic and how decisions will be made on certain problems. Just over the past year, printable books have seen a rise of up to 6% in the last year. Audiobooks and e-books have doubled their sales.

With the rise in book sales, it can be expected for booksellers and literature shops to be making more sales and will support local businesses and venturers. As studies have proven, most of the sales are happening from platforms such as Amazon and other online retail shops when business owners mostly needed the support.

Political books can be bought for any person interested in learning more about politics in general or politics from a certain country. In the year 2020, we have even noticed many political books aimed at children to learn more about politics and to get involved in their local communities.